Xero Accounting Software

What Is Xero Accounting Software?

Xero is arguably the best accounting software for small businesses with over  800,000 users world wide.  One of its amazing features is its ability to link with a business’s bank account and upload all transactions into the program. Xero also has the ability to create rules that will categorise transactions automatically. This alone saves you hours of work from previously having to enter in the transactions from the bank statement and categorising each transaction individually.

Xero is a cloud based accounting software for small to medium sized businesses. This allows you to access Xero from any location as long as you can connect to the internet. Xero is also used for creating and emailing invoices, bank reconciliation, activity statements, and catering for inventory items. As far as payroll is concerned, Xero can cater for a maximum of 200 employees per calendar month.

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Who Should Use Xero Accounting Software?

Small to medium sized businesses are best suited for using Xero Accounting Software as it can be accessed by the user wherever they are and have access to the same financial data for multiple users.  Once invoices have been generated, they can be emailed straight away to clients and you are able to check if they have viewed the invoice. Your clients will also have the ability to pay online through your invoices.  

If there has been an error made many times, rather than fixing each individual transaction, Xero Accounting Software has the ability of using Find and Recode to correct these errors. This feature can save you a lot of time as well.

Is Xero Accounting Software easy to use?

Once the program has been set up correctly based on your business’s requirements, Xero Accounting Software is quite easy to use. As mentioned previously, when bank transactions are uploaded into Xero Accounting Software you can create rules to automatically assign a specific transaction to an account upon review with just 1 click. Once the payroll options have been set up with all employees loaded, you can easily run another payroll and edit it in draft, process and email payslips out to all employees.

You can also create a bank file which means rather than paying all employees separately, you can just make one bulk payment. Xero Accounting Software also has a great help centre if you get stuck. If you are someone who wants to fast track your knowledge in Xero, a certificate or diploma in Xero Accounting Software can be extremely useful. Both are very short in length and can be completed 100% online.

In conclusion,

  1. Xero Accounting Software is great for small to medium sized businesses.

  2. It is a cloud software allowing the user to access it from anywhere at anytime.

  3. It makes bank reconciliation, payroll, error detection and correction a lot easier and can save you a lot of time.

  4. Xero has a great help centre and if you get stuck on a certain page you can click help for this page and it will bring up a list of all actions you may need help with in relation to that page.

  5. Easy to use with proper training and set up.

To learn how Xero works online and affordably, click this link: https://learnwire.co.uk/industries/xero-courses/

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