working and studying in Australia

Working and Studying in Australia

Are you considering working and studying in Australia?
Would the option of working and earning some money while you are here appeal to you?

International students on a valid Student Visa can work up to 40 hours per fortnight while school is in session and as many hours as you would like while on school holidays.

working and studying in Australia is a great way to fund yourself for adventures while you are there and of course, when you have time off from studying. It’s is also a great way to keep you from falling short on cash whilst living in Australia.

There are a few rules however that you should be aware of before you look at working and studying in Australia, for example; the 20 hour working week limit for students does not extend to any work you are required to take as a component for your studies however any volunteer or unpaid work does count towards the 20 hours and if any International Student works more than the Australian Laws allow, his or her Visa may be canceled.

Another thing you need before working and studying in Australia is an Australian Tax File Number, a Australian bank account for payment processing would be useful as well.

Part time employment opportunities for students working and studying in Australia could include the following jobs:

  • Retail- Retail Stores, Supermarkets
  • Hospitality – Cafes, Restaurants, Bars
  • Tourism – Hotels, Motels, Hostels
  • Administration – Front office, Reception, Sales and Telemarketing
  • Agricultural – Farming, Fruit Picking

Everyone working in Australia, including international students or those on working holiday visas, have basic rights at work.

These rights protect entitlement to:

  • A minimum wage.
  • Challenge of unfair dismissal from the job.
  • Breaks and rest periods.
  • A healthy and safe work environment.

One last thing to be mindful of is although Student Visa holders are allowed to enter Australia up to 90 days prior to their course beginning, students are not allowed to start working and studying in Australia until their course has begun.

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