Diploma in Child and Youth Counselling (Ireland)

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Learn about the development of children and teenagers, their behaviour and the problems they can face. Gain the counselling skills to help them build a brighter future.

To make up the Diploma You will complete three courses: Certificate in Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology and Certificate in Counselling. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills to help make a difference for the children in your life, whether as a parent or a professional.

Certificate in Child Psychology (Ireland)

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The Certificate in Child Psychology is designed for anyone interested in child psychology, behaviour, and development. Learn the skills to help children grow and develop and get a solid foundation in children’s cognitive and language development, socialisation, emotion, learning and more!

Certificate in Adolescent Psychology (Ireland)

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The Certificate in Adolescent Psychology is designed for anyone working in or wanting to work in schools, youth work, child and adolescent counselling, child psychology or other caring roles. Learn about the physical, psychological and emotional development of adolescents as well as sexuality, social and moral development. You will also learn about adolescent delinquency and crime and how to help youth in need.