how to apply for an australian student visa

How to Apply For an Australian Student Visa

Are you wondering how to apply for an Australian Student Visa?

If you are planning on coming to Australia to study one of the first things you will need is to get a great understanding of the procedure and requirements of the Australian Student Visa.

When it comes to the process of how to apply For an Australian Student Visa, there are various general and evidentiary requirements that international students must meet in order to be eligible for a Student Visa.

These include requirements relating to:

  • Your health.
  • Your character.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC) valid for the entire length of your stay.
  • Being free of debts to the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Custody, accommodation and general welfare arrangements for students under 18 years of age.
  • Your capacity to cover the cost of air fares, course tuition fees and living costs for you for the duration of your stay in Australia (the minimum living cost requirement is AUD$19,830 per year).
  • Your academic record and qualifications completed.
  • Your English language proficiency (If required).
  • Proving that you are a genuine temporary entrant.

The Process of How to Apply for an Australian Student Visa

Applying for a Visa can be completed by the applicant online or through an Education Agent like Study Compass, on behalf of the applicant.

Below is a checklist of the following documents needed before you can submit your Visa application:

  1. Completed Australian student visa application form (157A).
  2. Paid visa application fee – currently AU$550.
  3. Copy of passport biodata page (some students may be asked to physically provide their passport).
  4. Confirmation of Enrolment or Letter of Offer*.
  5. Evidence of sufficient funds.
  6. Evidence of health insurance cover.
  7. English proficiency test results (If required, students from English speaking countries do not require this).
  8. Criminal record check results
  9. Four recent passport-sized photographs.

Confirmation of Enrolment for Australian Student Visa

You are allowed to arrive in Australia on your Student Visa up to 90 days before your course commences and within seven days of your arrival, you are required to let your education provider know of your residential address, and also inform them within seven days if you ever change address.

It is important to understand that once you have obtained your Student Visa you have certain obligations to uphold, for example you must remain enrolled in a CRICOS-registered course, attend classes regularly, make satisfactory course progress and maintain OSHC health insurance.

Please be aware that breaching any visa condition may result in the cancellation of your visa.

Can I Arrive in Australia Before I Start Studying on My Student Visa?

A Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) or a Letter of Offer is a letter from your chosen Institution confirming that you have been accepted into a course that is registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses (CRICOS).

The COE will be in the form of a code that you will need to be entered into the appropriate section on the online visa application. Please keep in mind that you may also need to pay a deposit towards your tuition fees.

If you find that your chosen course is not suiting you, you are able to change after your arrival in Australia to a course of the same or a higher study level, but you will need to apply for a new visa if you’re changing course to a lower level on the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) or a non-AQF level course.

Students may also package their studies by studying two or more courses on their Student Visa (Subclass 500), where there is clear progression from one course to another.

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