Career Reinvention Beyond 40

Career Reinvention Beyond 40

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It’s  interesting how both men and women experience some kind of midlife transition around the 40 year old milestone. Why is that so? I believe it’s because many of us followed the so called ‘rules’ of life and yet find ourselves feeling dissatisfied and like something is missing.

We got married, bought a house, had kids, raised children, they grew up and reached a level of independence, and that marks the beginning of a new era of self reflection. Even those without children experience the same point of life reassessment.

A subtle fear can set in that time is running out, or that it’s too late in life to consider making a change in career direction. Sound familiar at all? Those fears are just all part of what I call The Mind Trap.

The truth is that you can be whoever the heck you desire to be and there is never a better time to start taking steps in a new direction than right now!

The only barrier in your path is your own thinking. Imagine what you could do if you chose to ignore the mental chatter that tells you things like “You’re too old”, “It’s too late now!” or “What would people think?”.

At the age of 40 I was working in a stuffy soul sucking corporate job under florescent lights and surrounded by draining office politics. I just knew this was not my life purpose. Now, at 43 years old I have carved out a new direction for myself and I finally feel like I am living my life purpose. Interestingly many of the women I help to reinvent their careers are 50 years plus! If we can do it you can too.

So what is it that is holding you back? Fear of what others might think? Fear of being judged? And if it is those things, are you really going to allow the opinions of others to hold you back from being all you came to planet Earth to be?

If you need an unbiased person to speak with about your career so you can get clarity on your next steps then I’d love to speak with you!

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Danielle Gardner
Career Mentor