7 Signs Management Is Your Calling

7 Signs Management Is Your Calling

Leadership and management is not for everyone and that’s okay. Here are seven telltale signs that you are called to be a leader.

1. You’re A People Person

So you love being social, interacting with people and you think you’re pretty good at talking to people. Fantastic! If you’re going to lead and direct a team of people you need to know how to communicate organisational goals with clarity and vision. While being a manager means you’re often in charge it’s also important that you are a team player and that you can build a good working relationship with everyone in your team.

2. You Can Think Outside The Square

To be a good manager it’s important to be open to new ways of looking at things and being able to think outside of the box to solve problems that might arise within the teams day to day operations. People with a creative flare or those who like to learn or read about all different types of topics generally excel at this because they constantly like to expand their current knowledge base enabling them to think outside their normal ‘familiarity’ box.

3. You Like To Be Organised

You know you like to be organised when you’re able to schedule, organise, follow your own plan and forecast likely outcomes. A good manager can keep track of projects and employees so that they are on top of what needs to happen in the business.

4. You Want To Be A Shepherd Not A Sheep

You’re someone who has always found it hard to be a sheep, that is you find it frustrating to take orders from others without question. You don’t like feeling like you’re powerless or and following someone like the rest of the flock. You want to be the leader, you want to be in control or have more power. You want to be the one making the decisions in your personal life and your work life. Basically you like to lead not follow.

5. You Want Sense Of Personal Accomplishment

Nothing says ‘I’ve made it’ more than working in a management position or managing a company. If you’re one of those people who has always dreamed of having a career with a little prestige that you can be proud of and say ‘I’m successful, I’ve made it’ then management is definitely the career for you.

6. You Have Big Goals That Require A Great Income

Let’s face it, when most people think about a management position they are inspired by the pay packet and perks that come with it. Of course not everyone is interested in management because of the salary, but a great many people are and that’s okay. After all if you have put in the hours and hard work in a management position, you deserve the reward that comes with it, right?

7. People Often Say That You’d Be A Great Manager

Once again you’ve been complimented on your leadership skills or someone has commented on how they think you’d do great in management. So what’s holding you back? Every industry has management positions, so it doesn’t matter what area you’re interested in. Focus on a management position in an industry you’re passionate about. If you’re being held back because you don’t have the qualifications or skills to land a management position we can help!

Preparing for your management promotion …

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